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We are very straight forward with our pricing and out the middleman so we can pass the savings onto our clients. We have a option available for every one when selling jewelry online. You can be sure that we are the best place to sell your jewelry.
Our services :

Second hand gold buyer

Second hand jewellery buyer

Second hand jewellery

Second hand gold coin

Second hand gold bars

Gold reselling

The uncertainty in the financial market has encouraged many investors to store gold ,more assets can be disbursed in cash for a large number of people and its appeal rising demand for gold ensures that sellers can get the best price for gold.
G-gold has strong ethics. It has never been easier to turn your old , broken, unwanted or cent of fashion gold into money. However, beware as even the so called Industry leaders will pay just a fraction of the G-gold.

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Gold Buying

Buy gold jewellery or bullions, is the safest method of investing. But selling is another criteria. gold jewellery dealers, cash-for gold shops and lots of online companies selling gold coins or jewelleries have jumped in recent years as Investors have planned to cash in on rising gold rates. You can now sell and buy gold jewellery on your smartphones and there are less visitors in the jewllery outlets.
But it is easy to sell and determine the value of gold jewelleries. Sovereigns or gold coins are most welcome with G-Gold.
After all these gold have risen in rates, if it of limited use for you and if you can’t get an income from them, sell gold at their current rates and spend at your choice.
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Gold Coins

Gold Coins are very safe because the wastage is very less and while selling it you will get the minmum differnce. G- Gold is a gold coin buyer from the beginning. We have cash-for gold outlet in T.Nagar and we do online buying of gold coins and bars in recent years as Investors are looking for spot cash in on rising gold coins prices. You can visit and buy and sell gold coins from online.
Hope you feel good visiting to our website. For any consultation feel free to contact us through We will reply you immediately.

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we are buying a pledged gold in banks, gold finances, pawn brokers, benefit funds....
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1) Sell your old gold at higest market rate.
2) Cash for gold.
3) Free gold evaluation.
4) No service charge.
5) Sunday working day.
6) we are selling the second hand jewels with out any additional charges...
7) There is no wastage charge
8) there is no making charges
9) customer satisfaction is our most important goal

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