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G-Gold is a best place to sell your gold in Chennai. We offer affordable prices for Old gold jewelry. We are established in Coimbatore 2005 and located in Chennai since 2014 and servicing our customers from different places of Chennai. We are professional Old gold jewellery buyer where we measure accurately and fix the reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is our moto and we try our best to serve you. Selling gold in Chennai can be handled carefully because there may be a chances of getting cheated by making you wrong promises . But we offer instant cash for gold safely as we want to sustain in the industry.

Selling gold is very risky one. There are lot of people who do fraud activities. There may be a chances of illegal way to buy your gold. It is always better to get suggestion from experts. There are few places where you can sell gold for cash in chennai who are professional and genuine. We are making our brand genuine by means of giving best service to our customers. Original gold can be identified by our experts and there is no risk to sell jewelry if it is pure one. Otherwise we dont buy any second hand jewelry which is not quality one. You must submit your original ID card while selling your jewelry. We are flexibility to reach our customers punctually wherever they are, we have

People refer several places to sell gold for cash in Chennai like big jewelry shops, But they will offer you higher deduction on grams and soverigns. But we offer Above 80% cash for gold which none of the showrooms give. We look forward to develop more and serve our customers from getting cheated. Achieved potential platform to selling and buying our products of reselling to the market timely.

24 Carat Gold will go for higher price. If it is 916 Hallmark golds are always welcome to us. We can sell gold upto 10 lakhs with us in a day. There are more places where they will not offer instant cash for gold. But here we offer on spot without delaying if our expectation is fulfilled. This is great opportunity to exchange your old gold into new one. We are located in TNagar in the middle of Chennai City. Just give us a call at 80158 80159 and sell your gold without delay.

Buy gold jewlleries with only Hallmark logo

What is Hallmark?

The Quality of Gold jewellery is confirmed by indian Bueau of Indian standards(BIS) certification. To calculate the purity of the designed gold jewellery is called by Hallmark Logo. This is provided by Indian quality controller department from the year 2000.

What is the vision of Hallmark Logo?

Hallmark Logo protects consumers to buy less quality gold and get cheated. Hall mark offers the gold which is bought by the public is right weigh The authorized Assign and Hallmark centre is researched and confirmed that the metal used is purified by the conditions of international metal quality controller.

Is Hallmark Logo is necessary?

No. Hallmark Logo based BIS Act 1986 those gold merchants who will only offered. Therefore when people buying gold jewelleries with the Hallmark logo is only guaranteed.

How and Where to buy Hallmark Gold jewelleries?

Gold Merchants who are having Hallmark gold license. They Should place selling Hallmark Golds only information board on their shops. Hallmark contains five logos inside whether it can be any size. 1. BIS Logo 2. Elegance Character Logo 3. Assign and Hallmark center logo 4. Hallmark sealed year 5. shop merchants logo

If gold contains all above five logos then it is hallmark gold. BIS insist the Shop merchants to keep magnifying glass. Ths customers should see through this magnifier and confirmed wheather all five logos is placed.

The Gold which is having 916 or 916 & KDM Logo or 916 & BIS Logo is not a genuine Hallmark. The gold which has thee above mentioned five logos is only genuine Hallmark Gold.

Shall we beleive the Carat meter which is used in jewellery shop?

The carat meter which is used in gold jewellery shops to check the purity, the X-ray calculate the purity of the upper part of the gold and not the inner. So We cannot beleive completely the caret meter used by shop merchants.

Is 916 only called as Hallmark?

916(22 caret) only not called Hallmark.

958 - 23 Caret
708 - 17 caret
916 - 22 caret
585 - 14 caret
875 - 21 caret
585 - 14 caret
750 - 18 caret
958 - 23 Caret

Golds purity is mentioned by 1000 quantity numbers. In all these golds hallmark is applied.

Is KDM means Hallmark or pure gold?

There is no connection between KDM and the purity of the gold. KDM is referred by cadmium monaxide is a metal. When designing jewellery to burn easily this metal is added. By using cadmium there is a chances of cancer attack.

Indian quality controller team stricts Hallmark sealed golds should not used cadmium metal. KDM is mentioned by gold merchants is a trick for their business. Therefore the KDM mentioned golds should not beleive that it is a pure one.

What is Assign - Hallmark centre?

BIS offered gold is researched by Assign & Hallmark centre. Here part of the jewelleries from gold sellers is taken and examined by Fire assay method and assigned Hallmarking.

Gold merchants say Hallmark assigned jewelleries are high cost. Is it true?

No. Assign centre any weight might be in jewellery to get hallmark seal it will cost just Rs.18/- only. Therefore saying Hallmark is high cost is false.

A best consumer should collect the proper bill from the shop merchant instead of just getting estimations. If you find any impurity in your Hallmark gold visit our BIS centre with Original bill where you bought and rise a complaint against them.


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