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Cash For Gold in chennai

G-Gold is the only place where you can cash for Gold in Chennai. Don't Run to all hi tech shops, Always visit us we will help you with right guidance. Remember to bring your residential proof while selling. We do not accept gold without any address proof. It is highly recommended always to show where we collected the gold.

After you are confirmation to sell gold for cash, your payment will be done immediately by transferring or spot cash as your wish and payment for your scrap gold will be made within 1 day of receipt of your items. Amount are sent on the same day and you have many ways for collecting the funds. You can collect by check, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire, depending on your choice. Our large amount of business allows us to offer the highest possible gold jewellery prices, higher than the local gold jewellery buyers in Chennai and other online gold buyers. We save your golds with insurance, security and surveillance within our facility.

It is now easy to sell your god jewellery in Tamilnadu. This is purely safest and there is no harm while selling your gold with us.

Having five souverigns or more of gold or silver that you need to sell, Our doors are open always in the market to give cash. Call us at 80158 80159 to confirm your selling appointment with one of our experienced executive.

When you sell, we will check your purchase prices based on which type of gold you have got. We will show you the quantities accurately what you are selling, and We will give you the best guaranteed sales price with a confirmed. We also send you mail for proof, mentioning all details of your gold and estimated price. We guarantee those cost, You can also confirm the rates before submitting.

Payment is made within 2 days of receipt of your gold, If we have We will pay on the same day when gold jewellery iseeived.

Payment will be done by our company cheque or direct cash if the quantity of the gold is less.

How safe is selling Gold to G Gold?

Many people are not aware that we provides a safe method to sell high-value jewelleries – We are registered Insured Mail. . Registered mail is secure because it is what is called accountable mail. Registered mail packages are always the personal responsibility of a USPS employee, with signatures required at every step.

This strict accountability system makes shipment by Registered Mail as secure as via any bonded armored courier company in the US – and it's backed by the USPS with an ironclad guarantee of signed receipt delivery.

USPS insures Registered Mail for up to $25,000, and we have supplemental insurance under our business policy for an additional $75,000 available at no cost to you.

A Registered Mail package containing five ounces of gold can be sent anywhere in the US for less than $40. Larger shipments will cost more.

Also, if you are selling material that is worth more than $250,000, call us to discuss alternate methods of insured shipping. On larger transactions, we can arrange armored car pickup at your bank or place of business.